This is the main resource for the book Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging by Francesco Banterle, Alessandro Artusi, Kurt Debattista, and Alan Chalmers, 278 pages by AK Peters (now CRC Press), ISBN: 978-156881-719-4, list price $59.95. Bibtex Entry.


Editorial Review: Book Cover Imaging techniques seek to simulate the array of light that reaches our eyes to provide the illusion of sensing scenes directly. Both photography and computer graphics deal with the generation of images. Both disciplines have to cope with the high dynamic range in the energy of visible light that human eyes can sense. Traditionally photography and computer graphics took different approaches to the high dynamic range problem. Work over the last ten years though has unified these disciplines and created powerful new tools for the creation of complex, compelling and realistic images. This book provides a practical introduction to the emerging new discipline of high dynamic range imaging that combines photography and computer graphics. By providing detailed equations and code, the book gives the reader the tools needed to experiment with new techniques for creating compelling images.


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